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The NoiseNet site has been designed on the following basis-

  • Speed - with most surfers having the attention span of a gnat, any site needs to be quick.  Ideally this would be 1 second or about 3k of content; that is too short, but the load time must be less than 10 secs, i.e. <30k which rules out most graphics.  The site design therefore relies on colour and minimal graphics.  Many pages only have the logos which are 1.5k.  There are only two pages which breach the 30k limit, and explain the directory location areas.
  • The Navigation (mostly) complies with the "three click" rule, whereby any page can be reached within three clicks of any other page.
  • Compatibility - lots of users surf using older machines with screen resolutions of 600 x 480, hence the table widths are designed for this resolution.  Equally many people surf with JavaScript and graphics turned off.  The site has both, but is designed to still function well without them.  Graphics should all be labelled with ALT text, which displays if the visitor has graphics off. Replica Chopard Imperiale
  • Compatibility with the recommendations of usability set out at; the main departure is not having underlined blue lettering for unvisited hyperlinks and purple/red for visited links.  However, given the colour scheme of the site, this convention was not possible.
  • Attractiveness to search engines - Google, Excite and so on are a mixed bunch, but tend to get confused by frames, but like text as opposed to graphics; therefore no frames are used on the site and there is lots of text.
  • Coping with individual pages being referenced - again if frames are used, it can be difficult to get to other parts of the site; therefore no frames.  

If you would like NoiseNet to design your site,Replica Vacheron Constantin Patrimony including e-commerce solutions, please e-mail us for a quotation.

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home directory ProInfo noise vibration contact

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