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Directory - Upgrading an Entry

To upgrade your entry, please read the following. 


  • Promotion in the directory search results; the higher the option number, the higher up the search results you get promoted.
  • Direct links to your web site and/or E-mail.
  • Location map – if the customer clicks on your UK postcode they get a map of where to find you.
  • A searchable company description – up to 30 words.
  • Company contact name.
  • Unrestricted searches of the full NoiseNet database (approx. 1000 entries) to see full details of all company entries.

For Example: Custom Audio's free entry can be seen in the search results for "Sound Insulating Floors" here - Close the new window to return.

If Custom Audio had upgraded their entry, the difference can be seen here - Close the new window to return.

Finally member companies can search the NoiseNet database in full and a mock-up of page 1 of the "Sound Insulating Floors" results is here  -  Close the new window to return.

To maximise your company's effectiveness, you will need to upgrade your entry-





Company name, regional location & telephone number, plus entry in up to 3 product categories. Standard alphabetical listing in search results.



As 1 plus
 circulation of enquiries
b. live website & email links
c. searchable Company Description (255 characters) - so if your name is "Acme Acoustics" and you are the UK agent for "Acoustic Widgets", if "Acoustic Widgets" is in your description, people searching for "Acoustic Widgets" will find you!!
d. contact name.
e.  promoted listing in search results - you entry will appear before free entries.
f. Address with location map from UK postcode.
g. unrestricted searches of full NoiseNet Database.
h. FAX number



Additional charge for non consultancy category entries.



Banner Adds - we should be pleased to discuss relevant banner adds on appropriate pages


Note: Upgrading also promotes your listing in the directory search output; the higher the upgrade, the higher up the search output you go.

To upgrade/enter your entry:

Step 1: Tell us your details
Please fill in the form here (unless we already have an entry for you).  Select the categories relevant to you.  Also state in the comment section (at bottom of form) what Options you require.

Step 2: Ways to pay - Contact us and we will provide an invoice.

  1. Cheques/P.O. made payable to NoiseNet.Org Ltd sent to our address.
  2. Standing Order - click here.
  3. Credit Card [not yet active]
  4. Telephone or PC banking
    Our Sort Code is 20-80-33
    Our Bank Account No. is 20612057

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