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Directory - Instructing a Noise Consultant

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If you have a tricky noise or vibration problem you will probably consider instructing  a noise consultant or a vibration expert, but how do you decide whether the "expert" really is an expert? Do they know the difference between a decibel and a doorbell?  When should you consult an expert?  Well British Standard 8233 Annex D is entitled "special problems requiring expert advice", and when designing the following you are recommended to consult an expert

  1. Acoustic Test Rooms
  2. Performing Spaces such as theatres, opera houses and similar performing spaces.
  3. Broadcasting and recording studios
  4. Aircraft noise
  5. Ground-borne noise
  6. Low-frequency noise
  7. Active noise control
  8. Noise Surveys.

Know your Noise Expert

Firstly you should probably look for membership of a professional body.

Its not to say that the above are the only suitable professional bodies, for example when undertaking an occupational noise assessment, a member of an Occupational Hygiene Professional Body might be appropriate, but there are many occupational hygienists who know nothing about noise!  Equally you should ensure that your noise expert has experience of your problem.  For example many members of the IoA work in the field of underwater acoustics (SONAR) and would not be much help when trying to reduce noise from a night club.

Probably the best guide would be to get any firm or individual to forward details of their qualifications or experience, and then to check that they measure up to the tasks which you have in mind.

The Advantages of Using a Professional Consultant

Professional organisations generally require members to have minimum qualifications and experience and have codes of conduct which require standards of behaviour including not taking on work outside or beyond their fields of competence.  The IoA Code of Conduct can be read elsewhere.  The ANC additionally requires that member bodies do not have controlling interests held by hardware manufacturers and that they should hold a given amount of professional indemnity insurance.

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