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We link in with internet book shops Amazon in US, and in the UK WH Smith Online (Bookshop) and  (AmazonUK) and allows the direct purchase of selected books.  Simply Click on the relevant link to find further information or purchase the book.-

Vibration Fundamentals by R.K.Mobley (1999) Amazon   AmazonUK 
Vibration Analysis of Plates by Superposition Method by D.J.Gorman (1999) Amazon   AmazonUK 
Vibration Spectrum Analysis: A Practical Approach by S. Goldman (1999) Amazon   AmazonUK 
Vibration of Mindlin Plates: Programming the p-version Ritz Method by K.M.Liew (1998) Amazon   AmazonUK 
Vibration of Structures and Machines: Practical Aspects by G.Genta (1998) Amazon   AmazonUK 
Vibration and Noise Control by H.S.Tzou (1998) Amazon   -- 
Vibration of Elasto-Plastic Bodies by V. A. Palmov (1998) Amazon   AmazonUK 
Vibration Control of Active Structures by A.Preumont(1997) --  AmazonUK 
Vibration for Engineers by A.D.Dimarognas (1996) Amazon   AmazonUK 
Vibrations and Waves by W.Gough et al(1995) Amazon   AmazonUK 
Vibration, Control, Analysis and Identification: Flow Noise Modeling, Measurement and Control by R.M.Lueptow (ed) (1995) -- AmazonUK 
Vibration Testing: Theory and Practice by K.G.McConell (1995) Amazon   AmazonUK 
Vibrations of Elastic Plates by Y,-Y, Yu (1995) Amazon   AmazonUK 
Vibration Damping of Structural Elements by C.T.Sun and Y.P.Lu (1995), Amazon   -- 
Vibration Analysis Handbook by J.I.Taylor (1994) Amazon   -- 
Vibrations and Waves in Physics by I.G.Main (1993) Amazon   AmazonUK 
Vibrations of Shells and Plates by W. Soedel (1993) Amazon   AmazonUK 
Vibrations of Plates, Vol 1 by A.W.Leissa (1993) Amazon   --
Vibrations of Shells, Vol 2 by A.W.Leissa (1993) Amazon   --
Vibration Mechanics: Linear Discrete Systems by M.Del Pedro and P.Pahud (1991) Amazon   AmazonUK 
Vibrations and Waves by S.Kaliski (1992) Amazon   AmazonUK 
Vibration Problems in Engineering by W. Weaver et al (1990) -- AmazonUK 
Vibration Technology by K.V.Frolov and I.Goncharevich (1991) Amazon   --
Vibration Measurement by G.Buzdugan et al (1986) -- AmazonUK 
Vibration in Mechanical Systems by M. Rousseau (1987) Amazon   --
Vibration, Dynamics and Structural Systems by M. M.Mukhopadyay (1989) -- AmazonUK 
Vibrations by H.Ring (1985) -- AmazonUK 
Vibration Damping by A.D.Nashif et al (1985) -- AmazonUK 

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