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You can browse the newsgroups  to see if there is any information on what you seek, but remember the information is free and generally you get what you pay for (Ed: isn't NoiseNet free?).

alt.sci.physics.acoustics - started by Angelo Campanella - now the principal group for discussion of acoustics topics.

comp.dsp - the group for people interested in computing digital signal processing solutions, FFTs FIRs IIRs etc.

alt.sci.physics - general physics but occasionally acoustics related questions are posted. - includes discussion on audio equipment, speakers etc. There are other groups which may be of interest. - group for sufferers of hearing loss - group for sufferers of tinnitus (ringing or other noises in the ear)

bionet.audiology - matters relating to hearing and hearing loss

bit.listserv.deaf-l - forum for deafness sufferers

uk.people.deaf - uk forum for deafness sufferers

alt.society.deaf - usenet seems an ideal communication medium.

comp.speech - speech recognition and simulation - various discussion of use of internal sound cards in IBM compatible computers.

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