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Environmental - Introduction
The content is mixed but is mainly of relevance to the UK.

Environmental vibration can be considered in two ways

  • Building Damage Vibration causing either cosmetic or structural damage to buildings; likely causes are probably blasting, piling or explosive demolition, and the standard being employed is BS.7385, to determine the likelihood of building damage. Replica Vacheron Constantin Patrimony
  • Disturbance to Occupants causing disturbance residents; likely causes are again blasting, piling or explosive demolition plus trains. Measurements being made either within housing or on housing sites using BS.6472.
  • Statutory Nuisance - in legal terms the definition of noise includes vibration; therefore the noise statutory nuisance section should be read in this light.Replica Watches

The directory can be consulted for consultants and suppliers of suitable instrumentation; in addition see the article on instrumentation.

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home directory ProInfo noise vibration contact

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