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IoA Talk- Exchanging Information 1

Are we like hairdressers?
There are those who consider that dealing with noise and vibration problems is like being a hairdresser.  Do they mean - we speak effeminately and have an all consuming interest in whether customers are "going any where nice this weekend"? - No they don't.

What is meant, is that unlike buying music, books or Pokémon playing cards, you cannot get your haircut over the internet, similarly its rare that you can deal with a noise or vibration problem without at least one site visit, i.e. "The internet is not very relevant to noise and vibration issues".

This position fundamentally overlooks the fact that apart from the site visit, much of any assessment is based on information.  A hairdresser only needs to have access a head of hair, to do a noise assessment, we need access to weather information, standards, test data of structures and machinery, complaint date & time & location information and so on.  All of these can be delivered via the internet.

As it happens even hairdressers are using the internet

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