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IoA Talk - Sites 2

Consultants' Sites
As with Local Authorities, there are a number of features which will help consultants, but before considering site content, the following points are important

  • Have a "good", preferably short, web site address e.g. is Bill Whitfield, compared with was the Martec website, but see
  • Have a good e-mail address is best, is worse, but is diabolical.
  • If you have your own domain name, then use it in for your e-mail.  Datum Services had but oddly  their e-mail was

I my view most visitors to consultants' sites will be wanting to instruct a noise consultant.  They may simply be visiting the site to find out a contact name and telephone number to ring, but they may also wish to read what the company does c.f. a brochure.  In my view, a consultant's site should therefore do the following.

  • Look professional e.g. Acoustic Associates' Site
  • Don't have adds on your site for unrelated products or inappropriate imagery e.g. Mike Forsdyke's site.
  • If you are part of a large organisation ensure that there is a "search" facility that will find your department - try searching for "noise" at Arups' site or at Atkins or at BDP.
  • Always give the telephone number, preferably on the home page - if users can't find what they want on the site, they may even ring it!!
  • Tell the visitor what you can do and how you can do it.

If your site doesn't tell them what they want quickly, simply, and professionally, you have a problem.

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