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IoA Talk - Conclusions

At the outset, we posed the following two questions

  1. How should we use the internet to exchange information?
  2. How do we set up web Sites to help us?

Dealing with each in turn

Exchanging Information
The Internet has great possibilities for obtaining information and advice quickly and cheaply, but you may think you are dealing with a university lecturer in Tokyo but in fact he could be a spotty teenager in Toxteth.  So use the Internet widely but any information your are not sure of, treat with  caution.

Set up of Sites
Web sites can be interactive and 24 hour 7 days per week operations, which is not easy to achieve otherwise.  They can reduce your workload be either collecting the information you want in the form you need or by providing information in the form you want.  Just remember that your visitors may have the attention span of the proverbial goldfish and won't know that "noise" to them "acoustics" or "environmental health" to you.

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