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The pages of most interest to you will probably be in ProInfo and the directory.  If you get enquiries from members of the public, naturally we would be very pleased if you referred them to the relevant guide.  Particular pages for you might be- 

  • UK Directory - search the database for details of the products or services you need; use it as a phone book or cut and paste lists of suppliers into reports.
  • Jobs - fancy a change?
  • Newsgroups - pick the brains of others in the field
  • Noise and Vibration books on-line
  • Weather - 10 day forecasts with wind strength & direction
  • Sound Level Meters - task based review of manufacturers' ranges
  • Vibration Instruments - same review as for noise instruments
  • Weather Effects - CONCAWE's view of wind strength & direction and atmospheric stability effects
  • UK Statutory Nuisance - on-line collection of legal decisions relating to statutory nuisance.

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home directory ProInfo noise vibration contact

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