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The Resource for noise and vibration companies and services.  The directory can be searched for details of products and services [click site search for information on noise & vibration topics].  The  information is mainly relevant to Europe. but we are adding US information. 
  • The UK Regional Map - explains the regions used in the directory
  • The UK Regional Table - explains the regions used in the directory
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  • For a discussion of instructing a noise consultant click here.
Noise Forums & newsgroups - pick others' brains for answers to your problem

Acoustics Jobs in UK and US

Noise Books On-line here!!

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Current Weather Forecast UK & US - 10 day inc. wind strength & direction

Noise News for UK & US

Sound Level Meter Roundup - chose the right tool for the job

Vibration Monitor Roundup - chose the right tool for the job

European Route Planner - A to B route planning/plotting

US Driving Directions - A to B route planning/plotting

noise home page
Terms & Units - Non-technical(ish) explanation of noise units

Environmental - assessment of noise affecting residents

Funding - Possible sources of funding a legal action

  • The Costs in Criminal Cases (General) Regulations 1986
Occupational - workplace hearing damage assessment & control Building Acoustics- the quality of sound within rooms
  • The reverberation time - a measure of the "echoiness" of the room; the longer the reverberation time the more echoy the room.
  • How quickly the first echo reaches the listener compared with the direct sound.
  • The sound insulation - a measure of how well building elements impede the passage of sound.
  • School Music Room Acoustics
Noise instrumentation - selection of the right "tool" for the job.
Environmental vibration affects buildings or causes disturbance to occupants of the buildings. 

Building Damage Vibration causing either cosmetic or structural damage to buildings; likely causes are probably blasting, piling or explosive demolition, and the standard being employed is BS.7385, to determine the likelihood of building damage.

Disturbance to Occupants causing disturbance residents; likely causes are again blasting, piling or explosive demolition plus trains. Measurements being made either within housing or on housing sites using BS.6472.

Statutory Nuisance in legal terms the definition of noise includes vibration; therefore the noise statutory nuisance section should be read in this light.

Occupational vibration causes damage or task impairment to people at work.

Vibration Instrumentation - selection of the right tool for the job.

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